Google just announce to developers what are the features that will be park of Android 2.2 Froyo and I must say that almost all the features and enhancements are good enough to compete with iPhone Ecosystem.

Speed  – The New Dalvik JIT Compiler

This was announce some time ago that it could speed up the processing and the just in time processing of the apps on the phone by 2 times to 5 times.

This is the most awesome announcement out of all the announcement.

I am a user of iPod Touch and my decision to not get an Android or a WM 6.5 device was mainly because their apps do not run as appealing or as well as fast and smooth as the apps on iPhone.

When i scroll up and down my app that takes up CPU, when i zoom in and out it takes up background processing as well.

iPhone does an awesome job on this. And they are using a much weaker CPU than most of the SnapDragon Android Phones.

Google Android needs to get it that people continue to use the iPhone because they have never had a device that experience no lag! That is one of the subtle things that keep people to use the iPhone

On most Android devices i see and with more background apps running, this lag will occur and if Android can address this lag issues with the Dalvik Compiler than it is something that can swing me to testing out this platform.

Android Cloud to Device Messaging – Push Messaging Made Easy?

Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) is a service that helps developers send data from servers to their applications on Android devices. The service provides a simple, lightweight mechanism that servers can use to tell mobile applications to contact the server directly, to fetch updated application or user data. The C2DM service handles all aspects of queueing of messages and delivery to the target application running on the target device.

This could potentially spawn off alot of good cloud apps on the platform. This is like the Push Notification for the iPhone, where your app server will be able to update your phone via this Google Cloud Application service.

App Backup and Restore

This is good. This will enable applications such as To Do List to be able to backup the data to a server through this known service and restore it from the cloud.

If this is what i am getting from the explanation. On the fly back and restore for specific app is another subtle gain changer.

Move App from Memory to SD Card

Abit like copying what Microsoft did with SD Card app installation. I personally don’t like such a feature as there is no control over the apps for a person managing their handphone

Portable HotSpot and Tethering!

I wrote alot about how you can turn your smartphones into wifi routers and Android came up with such a great inbuilt feature. Wifi Router software used to be very expensive and with this feature, you will not need to get one!

Android Market App Auto Update and Update All

This is another subtle game winner for iPhone. Alot of geeks don’t get why this feature is so big, but to us normal folks i don’t want to go somewhere and re-download an application or worry about it overriding my current data.

The Auto Update can be self destructive but Update All is a very good feature.

Full least of enhancements

  • Speed
  • App data backup
  • Improved Enterprise / Exchange Support
  • Push services – “Android Intent”
  • Tethering / Mobile Hotspot
  • Much faster browsing experience – V8 in browser
  • New functionality in browser- Camera, orientation, geolocation
  • Support for Adobe Flash and Adobe Air
  • Search the Android Marketplace directly from Quick Search
  • The ability to install applications on the SD card automatically
  • One-button update or automatic update for apps
  • The ability to purchase music from Android Marketplace
  • The ability to stream your own music from your desktop

Video Intro of Froyo 2.2

A demo of Froyo

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