It turns out that this might be the new trend where the bootloader gets encrypted and you cannot hack it

From Android Guys:

One of of the best Droid developers in the game, Stephen Bird, recently  had a chance to dig into the Droid X system dump and confirmed what many of us had feared.  Yes, that’s right, the Droid X is locked down Motorola Milestone style, locked bootloader and all.  In fact, it is the same encryption that is locking the Droid X bootloader that is locking the Motorola Milestone bootloader.

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, basically there is a good chance that developers will get root access, but custom ROMs will be damn near impossible. Milestone developers have been hacking the encryption for over 6 months now and have come up with very little. Custom ROMs probably will not happen I am sorry to say.

Custom Roms like Cyanogen and SuperD have been giving old phones like HTC Dream, Magic and Hero that runs on weaker processor a new lease of life.

The latests Android Versions like Éclair and Froyo is not official released on these older Android phones but take a look at what Custom Roms can do to a old weak HTC Dream G1:

With this in mind, if an Android is unhackable, how would this affect the Android Ecosystem?

Well what I predict is that the handset manufacturers need to consider this carefully. If they do what Motorola did, they will be screwing themselves over.

The Manufacturers who allows this will likely be viewed as the most popular phone.

Motorola possibly screwing themselves up all over again.

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