Now here is what could be a future great text input solution. We blog quite a fair bit on how great Swype is over the iOS stock keyboard or any of the HTC and Android Stock Keyboard.

BlindType is something else! Its predictive engine is so good that even if you shrink the size of the virtual keyboard, BlindType will still translate it so well.

Also, if you are a QWERTY wizard and knows your QWERTY by hard, even without the virtual keyboard, you can still perform text input!

BlindType is not out yet, but from the looks of it they might take the Swype route and go after OEM manufacturers but I really dunno how it will work well on the iOS. IMO if you cannot mount BlindType as a virtual keyboard on the iOS then its pretty much useless.

Take a look at this video to find out the potential of this keyboard.

BlindType on the Android

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