How to set up WIFI Tethering of Data Connection on your Windows Phone

The use case: You have 3G mobile data connection on your Windows Phone, how do you share this with your other device which are wifi enable?

MakeUseOf have revealed it is build into the Mango release of Windows Phone 7.5. Yet it was released with little fanfare.

1. Make sure that Data Connection and 3G Connection is enabled in Settings

2. Slide to enable Sharing and specify a name so that other devices can discover your phone’s connection.

3. Go to your device and find this SSID name, key in the password and you should be connected.

Streaming Anime on Android Phones is something hard to achieve on iPhones

If you are a fan of streaming English subtitled Animes, you would enjoy the use case of

  1. Watching Anime in between commuting
  2. Not having to bother about downloads
  3. Watch for Free

Now we know that sites like

  1. Anime Shippuuden
  2. Anilinkz

Aggregates Anime episodes so that you can stream and watch English version of them. But can you stream and watch them from  your smartphone over 3G?

I believe you cannot do it for iPhone or iPad because Flash does not work on iOS platform. However, that’s where Android comes in because you can stream from a mobile browser window to watch these Anime.

What I tried was to watch an episode of Gundam Age on my Samsung Galaxy S2. The superior performance of the phone, plus the Dolphin browser makes the whole process rather enjoyable.

How do you guys find this use case?