Getting Things Done®

Part 1: My Plan and Overview of my GTD® System

GTD Series GTD Overview

In the first part I will briefly talk about why i use GTD and its contrast to Stephen Covey’s methods. You will be able to reference my GTD Workflow to understand how I carry out GTD.

Part 2: GTD® with IPod Touch 2G

GTD Series IPod Touch 2G

In the second part of the series, I will bring readers through the tools that i have used while learning and practicing to be more productive.

You will find some really old and nice devices that i have come across such as Palm, MS Outlook and why i chose the IPod Touch 2G as my current GTD Tool

Part 3: GTD® with Appigo ToDo

GTD Series Appigo ToDo

Here, I will explain why Appigo ToDo for iPhone & iPod Touch is a good software to carried out GTD, with great features like Lists,Projects, Repeating Tasks, Online Synchronization to ToodleDo

Part 4: Plannning Projects & Sub Projects

GTD Series Planning Projects and Sub-Projects

How do you do big tasks assigned to you? What differentiates a sub-project from a task? Here, I go abit in-depth to how you can plan Projects and Sub-Projects in your Project Review and Project Planning with Appigo ToDo

Part 5: Contexts, Tags to Execute your tasks

GTD Series Contexts,Tags and Executing Tasks

Execution of tasks based on where you are, how much time you have and how important they are can be very tricky. Here, I will describe my thought process and take readers through which tasks are done when and what to do when tasks are interjected in the middle of things.

Part 6: Review Projects using iThoughts Mind Mapping software

GTD Series Review Projects with iThoughts

Getting a general perspective about projects can be difficult with mobile todo list software. Here is a look to see if a mind mapping software called iThoughts is able to alleviate that concern.

Part 7: A good and thorough review of a great GTD App 2Do for iPhone and iPod Touch

Here is an alternative to Appigo Todo for the iPhone and iPod Touch. What is great about it is that the Smart Calendars make executing tasks daily a breeze.

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