How to connect your Android Phone/Tablet to your desktop PC: TeamViewer

One of my popular articles was a help article detailing how TeamViewer enables you to control your desktop client via 3G or WIFI away from your house.

What about Android you may ask? Well TeamViewer finally came up with a solution for this.

Cost: FREE

What you do is:

  1. Install a full or portable app on your desktop PC.
  2. Install the App by downloading it from the Android Market Place
  3. Launch the PC TeamViewer App and it will provide an id, unique to this computer
  4. At your Android phone, launch the TeamViewer App and login with this id and password.
  5. There! you are in control of your PC

[Download TeamViewer here today >>]

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  1. Brian says

    Brilliant piece of software. Good technique for useers:
    Using a Bluetooth mouse on my Acer 500, don’t like all the smudges. I noticed when having to use the TeamViwer pointer, I could move it around with my Bluetooth mouse, i.e. can drag the TeamViwer pointer anywhere.

    Brian (UK)

  2. JulieB says

    Kyith, bring me into the 21st century. I purchased an android tablet, and would like to synchonize my pc, android tablet and phone (which I haven’t chosen yet).
    1. what smart phone should I get
    2. What service should I buy (sprint, att, etc. and will they cover all three devices for a protected wireless network
    3. What is the virus protection that should be downloaded on the tablet for protectiion? I have Mcafee on the pc.

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