Here is the use case:What if you want to keep track of how many times you fart? Or how many times you clear your bowels (for health reasons)? How long you sleep yesterday? Did you eat anything that you are not suppose to?

Those are varied use cases. What if there is a web application that can help you do that.

Enter Routine Tap. Routine Tap basically creates a questionnaire that you can customize to ask the questions listed above. Everyday you can just answer them.

Routine Tap then is able to generate reports so that  you can review them to help you make sense of your life.

The great thing is that they provide you 6 kind of question inputs since the things that you keep track of is very very different.

The downside: Still no smartphone application yet. Does not look like it has strong backers. There is already one competitor call Joes Goals.

[Download Routine Tap >>]

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