Edited. Found the solution for Palm Pre!

I guess its about time some one comes up with application like these. Granted you might wonder, why would you want to turn your 3G phone into a wireless router?

Why do you need this?

  1. You own an iPod Touch. its applications are far superior to your Android applications and you would rather surf web on the go on it ( why i am interested in this!)
  2. Checking email on the bus/commuting. You have a laptop and would like to pass time by checking the internet for cool stuff. You want something that can connect without the hassle of bring too much devices with you
  3. You have a PMP player like Archos or Creative device that is big on multimedia usage and screen size but it doesn’t have a 3G connection BUT it has WIFI!

Whats the draw back?

  1. Software like these normally are very intense on the battery life of the device. you are essentially broadcasting wifi and 3G at once. your battery life can’t last long. this is not a long term solution. It is only a solution for at most an hour.
  2. The connection might be quite flaky depending on how good the software is
  3. In the case of Windows Mobile, the solution is quite expensive!
  4. Do watch your data usage as it might burst your phone bill!

The solution for Android – Android WIFI Tether

The software solution enables tethering (via wifi and bluetooth) for “rooted” handsets running android (such as the Android DevPhone 1). Clients (your laptop for example) can connect via wifi (ad-hoc mode) or bluetooth and get access to the internet using the 3G, 2G mobile connection or (in case you are using bluetooth) the wifi connection which is established by the handset.

The Cost: Free for now

[android-wifi-tether site to download application  >>]

The solution for Symbian – JoikuSpot

The solution for symbian nokia phones is JoikuSpot Light. FREE limited edition of JoikuSpot that connects your laptop to internet via Wifi using your mobile phone’s 3G.

There are essentially 2 solutions: the Free and the Premium. I have not tried the premium but the free one is quite good. It enables me to surf the web on safari on my iPod Touch but not connect to the App Store.

Premium Edition comes with all internet protocols. You can also secure your connection with Premium and use VPN to access secured corporate intrawebs. Premium supports email protocols so you can use email clients like Outlook and Gmail. All settings (like WiFi network naming and default access point) are adjustable in Premium. There is no forced default landing page in Premium Edition. Premium has best performance and connection quality, and auto-reconnects to 3G if the connection is dropped to e.g. 2G temporarily.

Here is a video of Joikuspot working with iPod Touch!

The Cost: Free or EUR 6 for Premium

[JoikuSpot Site to download application >>]

The solution for Windows Mobile – WMWIFIROUTER

WMWifiRouter instantly turns your wifi enabled smartphone* into a wireless internet hotspot. Now you can use your laptop and any other device with wifi to get online and surf, email, instant message, and anything else you normally use the internet for!

This is an expensive software but do download and try it for 14 days you will know why you pay so much for it because it is so robust. I personally tested it. its good!

Here is a video on how it is used:

The Cost: EUR 19.99 (!!!!)

Edit: Refer to post here. There might be a way to use an earlier WMWIFIRouter version when it was free.

[WMWIFIROUTER homepage for more info >>]

Alternative solution:HTC WIFI TETHER Software

HTC is developing their own version of WMWIFIRouter and we are excited as this would likely be free if you know where to look (XDA!)

The Cost: FREE

The solution for Palm Pre – My Tether

* Allows sharing your Sprint EVDO from your Pre to your computer or iPod Touch.
* WiFi network name & WEP key customization options
* Makes Palm Pre into a MiFi-like hotspot at your convenience to share your 3G connection.

* Converts Palm Pre into a Wireless Network adapter by letting you share the WiFi connection on the Pre instead of EVDO when tethering over Bluetooth or USB.
* Option to disable sleep mode on Palm Pre
* Ability to turn off the LCD only, doesn’t put the device into sleep.
* Convenience features such as restoring the old WiFi connection when tethering is disabled, prompts to take care of pre-requesties to tethering, remembering settings and last tether options, restoring modifications to settings back to original value upon exit, and many more to list.

Cost: FREE (Do Donate if you find that its worth it!)

[My Tether download site >>]

The solution if you don’t have a phone – Novatel MIFI Wireless Router

If you do not own the above devices, the solution is to buy a MIFI Wireless Router explained here in my previous post.

Here is a video on it in action:

The Cost:USD 299 without plan


Right now what i am missing is the solution for creating a wireless modem out of iPhone and Blackberry. I believe that it can be useful to invest in such a software. If you have an alternative to these or cheaper solutions (especially for Windows Mobile) do let me know!

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