The Omni group have a really nice group of apps going to help Mac users and make Mac a really good productivity platform.

9to5mac reports that in a survey by medical lynch-pin Epocrates [Free – iTunes link], up to 60% of doctors were at least considering an iPad:

  • 9 percent want it now
  • 13 percent want it this year
  • 38 percent were interested and wanted more info

Mac developer Omni Group, which has dipped a toe into iPhone development with Omni Focus [$19.99 – iTunes link], has decided to port than entire portfolio of apps — OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, OmniFocus, and OmniGraphSketcher — to iPad even if it delays development of the Mac version

News out is that they are likely to put their next releases on the Mac on the line so that they can port all their great Mac apps over to the iPad.

The iPad and Mac platform are great from the productivity point of view and its something that other platforms are trying to measure up.

Remember you can fight on many fronts in this tablet war: do you go for great reading experience? or great multimedia experience.

But the competitors need to know that there is a vast market for education applications and niche office productivity. if they failed to see this and tap onto this and let apple have their way then they are dead

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