My Standing Desk Setup 2

I recently switch to a standing desk setup in hopes that my wellness and productivity can be improved. I am almost 2 weeks into this and I did make some adjustments to my standing desk.

[First part: Why I switch to a standing desk setup >>]

It would seem that I can get adjusted to working in a standing position. Essentially, I don’t expect to work as much as when I am in office.

Having said that, it can be really tiring to work standing. I realize that I have a tendancy of wanting to lean my pelvic area on the desk.

To circumvent this I may need to do some hip rotation while I am typing.

What do you guys think of my setup?

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  • Sowhat

    Not bad, but I wouldn’t stand too long at it because of a tendency to lean over.

    • Kyith

      to be honest you are right. yesterday it got pretty bad. but i try to overcome it by rotating my hips all the time

  • Mark

    I put music on which makes me move a lot more. I would also say, take breaks & use the phone sitting down. If you’re not used to standing for long periods, it’s going to hurt. You don’t have to run a marathon the first time you run.
    Here’s my own version:

    • Kyith

      thanks for the advice. what you encountered i came across as well. lets hope it helps alot for the long haul.

  • Louis Delos Angeles

    Nice setup. The two boxes of paper did add height :), well I guess you should take a 5-15 minutes break every hour or so so that your pelvic area wont suffer absorbing all your upper body weight. Try walked around like putting one folder to the cabinet and back or take coffee or tea breaks of course sitting down. Also try to bend your knees once in a while so that other parts of your leg wouldn’t get stiff.

    • Kyith

      hi louis thanks for the advice. it is a pain in the ass sometimes to have a standing set up and most of the time i really don’t feel like blogging when i am standing up which makes me question the feasibility of this standing setup.