In our search to eat right, eat healthy, we often came across many products from well known food companies like Kraft, Pepsi, Whole Foods and Nestle. They came in very attractive packaging and often say that it contains this healthy component that will help you in a positive way.

Are they really what they made out to be?

small bites is a nutrition blog started by nutritionist Andy Bellatti. He debunks some of these benefits that branded processed foods hailed.

Enriched flour (white flour) is the first ingredient. Stone ground whole wheat flour is present, but it appears in such a minuscule amount that each serving (16 crackers) contains less than 1 gram of fiber. In other words, it takes at least 48 of these crackers to match the amount of fiber in one slice of 100% whole wheat bread.

The front of food packaging offers hype and marketing; the back offers the truth. As these examples show, call-outs are there to deceive and confuse, not enlighten.  Read labels, read ingredient lists, and you won’t be fooled.

I am somewhat skeptical about these processed foods. I will urge folks to eat less of them and eat more self-prepared foods. At least you know what you are putting in your own stomach.

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