I wish people can post more video reviews like these.  Today I have 2 videos showing Archos PDF reading experience.

This first video is good. It shows how responsive it is to read.

The three software demo are:

  1. Adobe Reader
  2. Laputa
  3. Aldiko

What was demoed:

  1. How smooth Launcher Pro Replacement is
  2. Reading PDF Comic Book in Landscape
  3. Fast Zoom In and Zoom Out
  4. Portrait Epub book reading on Laputa
  5. Portrait Epub book reading on Aldiko

What Czhincksx shows here is PDF reading on the Archos 101. It’s a 5 min demo where he shows PDF reading

  1. a big 62 MB PDF file from internal memory
  2. PDF file stored in a USB memory
  3. PDF file from the internet

It’s a great demo that I am trying to find but could find any. I talked about my less than good experience with the archos 101 and 70 not too long ago and this review certainly shows it.

But on the whole this PDF software (I am not sure what is it) provides good enough rendering.

I would really love to know which software is it and whether it does annotations and last save location.

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