GTD Series Part 3:Appigo ToDo on iPhone Review


GTD Series Appigo ToDo

This is part of a series where i talk about my GTD experience and  my setup.

Part 1 here talks about my plan and overview of my GTD system

Part 2 here talks about why i eventually chose iPod Touch 2G as my main to do list console

Part 3 here talks about why i choose Appigo ToDo for iPhone as my main task manager

Part 4 here talks about how to plan for big projects and smaller projects

Part 5 here talks about how to make use of Contexts, Tags to Execute your tasks

Part 6 here discuss about how you can review projects better using iThoughts mind mapping software

In today’s article i will share with  you guys the software to complete the iPod Touch picture which is Appigo ToDo list

Appigo ToDo

Before i got my iPod Touch, I have already decide which application to do list i would be using. This is after extensive research and comparison between Omnifocus,Things and other cheaper to do list.

Eventually these are the reasons that tilt me towards Appigo ToDo

  1. Omnifocus backup and ubiquitous nature is only limited to desktop synchronization. Thats not good enough for me since my main computer is not a Mac but a Windows PC. I would much prefer that I can sync my to do list to a web application
  2. Omnifocus cost 20 freaking bucks. When you look at the to do list application on the App Store it makes it hard to understand why it will cost 20 freaking bucks.
  3. Things, although polished, have a big problem for me, no recurring task capability. you will always want an option where you can create a to do task that creates a “do 20 chin up for the week” task every saturday.
  4. The reasons why i choose Appigo ToDo have alot to do with the Advantages listed next.

Projects and Sub-Tasks/Sub-Projects

One main difference about to do lists like these compared to outlook is that they are like mini project management applications. Most of our lives consist of small projects like

  1. Enrolling your kid for the new year
  2. Building your new personal computer
  3. Taking over the new project
  4. Secure the release of the set of documents

That’s what i normally require. Its either an Area of Responsibility or a Project to meet that area of responsibility.

Appigo ToDo allows you to have 2 levels of it. You can have Lists as your big project and Projects in your Lists as your sub projects.

Lists showing my Areas of Responsibilities

The Lists are very clear. The first one is a list showing All your tasks in all your lists. The red tag shows the overdue ones and the gray tag shows the total. You can color tag each lists so that in your task it becomes easily distinguishable if you are the sort of visual person.

Sub-Projects in your Project List

Sub-Projects in your Project List

In your lists, you can denote one more level down which is your sub project. Very ideal for specifying mini projects. These sub projects are distinguishable by the tree icon.

One thing to note is that in these task view, you will only see the name of the sub project and not the tasks in your project. Some people will get annoyed by this and I can understand the technical limitation of it but i think it is a livable flaw. The grey tag shows the total number of tasks in the sub project and the red tag shows the number of sub tasks in the sub project that is due.

Note the due date listed below the task. For sub projects, you will see the most earliest due sub task’s due date. So in my “Building a iPhone app” project Sep 23 is the due date of my earliest due task.

Sub Project and its tasks

Sub Project and its tasks

Touching your sub project will bring you to your project view where you can add, update and delete your tasks.

Flexible Tasks Specifications

Well the tasks in the to do list takes on an important role, and Appigo ToDo offers alot of flexibility.

Elongated Task View

Elongated Task View

I find that the length of the Task Description isn’t constraint, which is good. You can put alot of things in the Notes area below the Description as well (though the display will look awkward)

You can specify the Due Date as well as the Due Time. I use Due Date most of the time and not Due Time as it is too much of a micro management. You can also specify if the task is repeating (talk about this later) as well as the priority of the task.

You can choose also to specify the Context and Tags (talk about later).

More Task Actions

More Task Actions

Clicking on the red Action button brings you to the option to Move the Task into the Project and if its in a project, out of the Project. You can also email the task or send the Task to a notebook (Appigo’s paid notebook application)

Focus List

This is a good feature. And like most good or up to standard GTD to do list it lets you focus on only tasks that is going to  take place soon.

You can really specify what goes into this filter list. Priorities, how far away the task is due and whether you want to limit to certain lists.

Online Synchronization to Toodledo and Remember The Milk

Online Synchronization Options

Online Synchronization Options

Now this is powerful. ToDo allows you to sync with either Toodledo or Remember The Milk. However, you can only sync to Remember the Milk if you have a Pro account. The cheap choice would be to use Toodledo, which really isn’t a bad choice since ToodleDo is rather comprehensive.

If you are a OS X user you would want to sync with iCal through Appigo’s Desktop sync which is FREE.

ToodleDo (Click to view larger image)

ToodleDo (Click to view larger image)

For disclosure i Sync with ToodleDo. But as i will explain in the rest of my other articles i don’t use the online Toodledo much. I can lived with only my iPod in my system.

Synchronization Options

Synchronization Options

There are many options to do this. For starters, which service u will sync to. You can also choose to sync at startup of ToDo. This can be abit annoying without internet connection (iPod Touch), but i assure you i would rather be annoyed and sync as much as i can (instead of triggering manual sync which you will forget) then do a lump sync and the sync goes awry. Big data sync can be quite problematic.

What i notice is that tasks that were suppose to be in sub projects came out of those sub projects. Not very desirable behaviors. You can also specify the recency of your completed tasks to keep on the iPhone.

Full Sync

Full Sync

At times, you would want to reset your tasks, you can do that through the advanced menu.


All in all, I managed to skim the surface of this great app. It should be re-iterated that my decision for my iPod would not happen if i cannot find a good task list like this.

For USD 9.99 it is an expensive application, but as it is so well design i feel every penny spent is worth it.

In the next part, we will go straight into some GTD Task and Project Planning
[GTD Series Part 4:How to plan for big projects and its sub-projects]
Do take a look at the following videos to see hands on demo of Appigo ToDo

Whats new in Appigo ToDo 2

Connecting to ToodleDo

Best iPhone apps at AppStoreHQ

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  1. Emilio says

    Todo lacks a critical aspect of GTD, the ability to track the Status of a Task (Hold / Waiting / Someday / Next Action) which is basic, specially if you sync with Toodledo or are a real GTDer.

    There are some workarounds, -tags and folders as status- but those are so impractical that makes TODO more a toy than a real app for any serious GTDer handling hundreds of tasks.

  2. Anonymous says

    Very good review. However, Todo lacks the ability to show just the tasks due today. You can use the Focus list, but you’ll end up seeing both today’s tasks as well as overdue ones!

    Emilio’s comment is useful, but describing it as a “toy” is unwarranted! Thousands of people are using Todo as their task manager–and many people don’t need or dislike the GTD approach.

  3. Tony says

    “What i notice is that tasks that were suppose to be in sub projects came out of those sub projects. ”

    This is because you sync with Toodledo free account, which does not support project/sub-tasks.

  4. David says

    So far all great advice and these set of articles summarises GTD methodology very well I think. I have one small point I would like to add here. I use todo online instead of toodledo online. I am not sure why the author did not suggest this. I am using the apple platform (macbook/ipad2/iphone) but a PC at work to organise my tasks, and I find the todo online very useful in this environment.

    • says

      hi David thanks for contributing. if you want to share todo list then the online method is the best. though i would just use my ipad2 at work to take down task if i were u =)

  5. Dan says

    it would be helpful, if a new review was made, Appigo recently released 7.0 under a new policy whereby they now charge for upgrades. How many other App developers charge for upgrades?? I purchased Todo 6.0.6 on Jul 13th, and now just 87 days later I have to pay for an upgrade according to the CEO and President of Appigo.


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