HTC Phone 3G to Wifi Tethering gives Windows Mobile phone users another option

I mentioned that you can tether your 3G data connection via numerous methods for different phones.

However, the option for Windows Mobile phone is very expensive! WMWifiRouter charges a bomb for something others give for free. But HTC have decided that consumers should have this service for all their future handsets (FREE!) and in this topic by XDA developers there is active discussion and you can download the HTC software to try on your phone.

Mind you, not all windows mobile phones will work. Do give it a try:

[Download and Discuss the WIFI Tethering software here >>]

Old version WMWifiRouter version 0.91 Free and still works!

Download info for WMWifiRouter 0.91 found!

I blog recently about how you can turn many of your smartphones into wireless routers to provide some fast internet access.

For windows mobile there is a solution called WMWifiRouter that is very expensive. Apparently, it started off as a free tool for people, but the developers see that they can sell this solution for quite a fair bit of money. So now it is a very expensive application.

I came across this article that seems to link to a MegaUpload of an old 0.91 version that was a freeware. I have not tried it out but if you guys have do tell me if it works on your current phones.

EDIT: It does work! with the ICS Install i am able to get my old Atom Life to  talk to the iPod Touch!

[Where in the World is WMWifiRouter? >>]

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