One of the first reviewed application on Productive Organizer was Calengoo for iPhone and it has still been very popular. I got an email from Dominque, the guy behind Calengoo that he is coming up with the Android version!

Update: You can download the Beta App from the Android market. Search for “Calengoo”. It is free beta.

Now this is great news because most of the smartphone’s stock Calendar leaves a lot to be desired. I tried Calengoo on the iPhone and it’s the best offline sync Google Calendar app around.

Firstly, I urge you guys to read the iPhone review then. You can read the full review here as it discusses:

Ubiquitous Calendar Access – On platforms like iPhone and especially Android, which is based on Google’s apps, you can consolidate your calendar information on Google’s central DB.

Next time you do not need to care about what phone you have because whether its iPhone or Android or Windows Phone 7 you can gain access to it.

Auto-Backup of Calendar via Web Synchronization aka Offline mode – assess your calendars when you do not have an internet connection and automatically or manually sync your events and schedules when you have one.

Who is this app for?

For one, it is for people who use Google Calendar as their main calendar. It is easy for Android because, for Android to work you need a google account in the first place.

There is no need to do any more additional registration. Chances are your default Android calendar is already sync to Google Calendar.

This app is for folks who wants additional organization views and features that the stock calendar does not provide.

Swype Left and Right to navigate between, Days, Month and Week

I grew accustom to this feature on the iOS. Little things like this make life much easier when reviewing schedule.

I am glad that Calengoo for Android have this feature as well.

Colorful Day View Calendar

What you would like about Calengoo is that its usage of color follows that of Google Calendar but does it in a much better way then the stock calendar.

Stretchable Month Calendar View for detail viewing

One great feature about Calengoo that I enjoy on the iOS is that the month view is a big canvas that you can use multi-touch to expand and see what are a specific day’s things.

You are not constraint to just that small calendar like the stock calendar and you do not need to consistently switch between different calendar views.

You can use drag and drop to move one event from a day to another

This is by far a great feature that the stock app does not provide.

Set Pop-up, email and SMS reminders to your events.

These 5 reminders are:

  1. Pop up notifications
  2. Email
  3. SMS Reminders (Set at Google Calendar Website in Settings Mobile Setup)

Customize font size and other calendar user experience

Last but not least, like Pocket Informant you can customize how each Day, Week Month and Agenda Calendar looks like to your liking.

Hey if you are gonna stare at your calendar so frequently, might as well configure them to the way that is pleasant to yourself. If font is too small, increase it if its too big reduce it.


Dominque really wants to create a calendar that is very functional and helpful for his user.

I have used his Calengoo on iOS for a long time and even though there are many competitors out there, you can trust that he will try his best to improve on it.

At iOS we received constant improvements and you could expect the same as well.

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