Being in the IT industry, we somehow have to get acquainted with Microsoft Project. I been using for some time and truth to be told, i’m too bothered about getting things done than plan using Microsoft Project.

What pissed me off is a few subtle inconvenience that i wish i have solutions for. Specifically, if i can operate it better through the use of keyboard shortcuts it will be much more productive.

Here i present some shortcuts that will improve your productivity.

Scroll to task on the Gantt Chart – [Ctrl +Shift + F5]

Ever while you are reviewing the tasks and want a quick way to see where this task is in the timeline of the Gantt Chart? I have this problem alot of times and got so piss of with having to pick up the mouse to scroll to it and wonder if its before this point or after this point. This keyboard shortcut is cool.

Scrolling the Gantt Chart while in Task navigation – [Alt Left/Right key]

While we are at it, you might want to do a visual reference how long it takes on the Gantt Chart. The typical way is to pick up the mouse and scroll.You cannot use the left and right key since you will be scrolling in the task view. Press Alt Left or Right will enable you to scroll the Gantt chart area while you are in task view.

Insert a new task above – [Ins]

This is straight forward. chances are you will need to insert a new task in between 2 task. Use the insert key will insert a row between them.

Indent and Outdent a task – [Alt + Shift + left or right arrow keys]

Since we add a new task previously whats a fast way to indent and outdent? Using Alt Shift Left or Right will enable you to do that.

Expand and Collapse a branch of task- [Alt + Shift + – or = arrow keys]

For abit of focus review, you might want to collapse a branch so that you can focus on other branches and later expand them. The keyboard short cut to do this is to leverage on Alt Shift – or =. the easy way to remember is that – or = translates to minus and plus when shift is press!

As an added bonus, to expand the whole project you can use [Alt + Shift + *]!

Link [Ctrl + F2] and Unlink [Ctrl + Shift + F2] Tasks

Say you want to select 2 task or a whole list of task and link them up fast (dependency) how do you do that? Use the Ctrl F2 and Ctrl Shift F2 to do that


Crazy Colour Card for MS Project

There are many other useful shortcuts to using Microsoft Project and they really help to make navigation much more enjoyable.

Another bonus is this PDF keyboard shortcut for Microsoft Project Hosted at Scribd. Login with your OpenID or Facebook to download and print it.

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