I know I do talk more about other lists in Getting Things Done methodology more than Someday/Maybe list so you would think that I do not think this list will work for everyone right?

You are probably right. I don’t have a lot of things on my Someday/Maybe list. This is probably because on a daily basis I have enough tasks to contend with then to add more things to it.

But essentially having an empty Someday/Maybe list could be a sign of a problem in that you did not plan for areas where you can expand your scope in other ways.

Tools for Thought discusses on this subject in this article and highlights 7 problems with it:

  1. It’s a procrastination list
  2. It’s too long
  3. It’s teeming with fantasies
  4. It’s not used for practical issues
  5. It’s filled with many things in a few categories
  6. It contains unresearched projects
  7. It sounds non-committal

Its an interesting read for avid GTD practitioners.

[Read Article here >>]

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