I was talking to a colleague Wilson some time ago and he was mentioning that hamburgers in the US cost as little as $1 compare to nutritious food offerings.

This is perhaps the reason why cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol have been on the rise for people age 20-35 years old.

At Productive Organizer, we believe that you can be more productive if you live and take care of yourself the right way. Health is a massive part of productivity and we will cover it more in this blog.

Here is an article debating on the farm bill and for me this is an important step to get right (if they ever manage to do it at all) because putting the money by subsidizing the right things will create a culture for the population to live more healthy.


The Farm Bill, a massive piece of federal legislation making its way through Congress, governs what children are fed in schools and what food assistance programs can distribute to recipients. The bill provides billions of dollars in subsidies, much of which goes to huge agribusinesses producing feed crops, such as corn and soy, which are then fed to animals. By funding these crops, the government supports the production of meat and dairy products—the same products that contribute to our growing rates of obesity and chronic disease. Fruit and vegetable farmers, on the other hand, receive less than 1 percent of government subsidies.

The 2006-2007 Annual Report of the President’s Cancer Panel:

“For example, current agricultural and public health policy is not coordinated—we heavily subsidize the growth of foods (e.g., corn, soy) that in their processed forms (e.g., high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated corn and soybean oils, grain-fed cattle) are known contributors to obesity and associated chronic diseases, including cancer.

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